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Label says Cornwall II - Date code says 1967 !


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So far, I have always shown up when I tell a seller I will, and I always give them their asking price if the Klipsch is worth it.

This time, the Klipsch was worth it and I bought it.

Nice woman, she helped me carry them up stairs and load them into my Nissan.

I responded to her ad just moments after she listed it.


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Thanks Tom, but with any luck I'll be veneering them here and getting a nice table saw some day My guess is that large risers would be a bear to ship. But thanks mang.

I've given thought to slant long risers, also just putting on little tapered legs like Bozak used to do. I think a slant would look odd and would make my nic nacs slide off too easily.

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This topic has been covered before do a forum search. The clear pie slice was only used a few years (my '73 Hard Rock Maple verticals have them) just like the solder terminal dual phase plug K-55V was used only a few years ('80-''83).

They may have been used in certain situations depending on the grill color and type. I would wager those with darker grill fabric were provided with black/gold pie slice and cane/white linen were provided with the clear/gold logos.

My '62 vertical Cornwalls had the really unique acrylic Klipsch name plate in the bottom center of the cabinet.

It typically only the vertical versions that were labeled as a Cornwall II in the early years. The other Cornwall II did not come into production until late '85 early '86 until about '90.

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