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Buying used speakers, what to look for.

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Hi everyone,

I am considering buying a used pair of speakers (RF-62) and I was wondering what I should look for, any way I can check for abuse.

I am upgrading from Quintets so I’m sure anything at the moment will sound better so is there any nuances I should look for?

I know I should bring familiar music as a demo, but besides that I’m lost how else I can check for quality degradation.

I plan on keeping these speakers for a long time so is it better to just buy new?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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Stick your ears right next to each driver while they are playing music to make sure they are all working. Play some music with decent bass to make sure the woofers aren't blown. Look for scratches on the screws that hold each driver in that would indicate that they were removed, possibly to replace a blown driver.

If you're saving enough over new there's nothing wrong with buying used.

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Well last night I looked ta these "great condition" speakers. What a joke! I guess at some point on of the speakers had fallen on its side and the cabinet has a hair line crack starting att the top right corner.

They sounded great but I could not justify spending that kind of money on a speaker with a cracked cabinet.[:|]

Thanks for the help guys, the search will resume.

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Here's a tip: Heritage Series. It will cost less to buy them now than buying a series of speakers leading up to Heritage sometime in the future, and you'll have the pleasure of hearing them in the meantime.

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