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Best Place to Buy CDs?


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I don't buy CDs anymore I buy music downloads and the best place I have found for high quality music downloads (better than CD quality) is Music Giants


Music Giants can also be found within WMP's online stores which is how I normally go there.

Unfortunatly, Music Giants is a non-starter for me. I don't care for thier choice of using DRM'd WMP formatted files. For example, I just tried to go on there to check it out, but of course, it kevetched about me going on there with my MacBook Pro (thus, I won't even try with my Ubuntu rig either).

Yeah, I bet the quality is really nice, but I just refuse to deal with any DRM'ed formats or formats that won't work cross platform (I have Mac, Linux, and Windows machines in this house and I want to be able to access my music from any of them).

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...CDs are just ones and zeros right? Big Smile...

Yeah, I think that there is a mystique about 1s and 0s on CDs and DVDs that sometimes crops up around these parts, but not for me. Amazon used CDs, SACDs and DVD-As work for me, and I've never had a problem other than once getting the wrong CD in the right jewel case. Sometimes the seller sends the disk by slow pony and it takes more than a calender week to receive it, but the price is right.


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I've had pretty good luck (but not perfect) with my local library. It also has the highest circulation in the country....which is nice. I just borrow, copy and return them.

NOW, before anyone starts any flamig about that practice, think about this: the whole argument is centered around the artists not getting their money from the copies made and I agree. But, also, they don't get any money either every time someone borrows a disc from the library and returns it after they're done. I'm just saving a lot of gas by not having to go back and borrow the same disc every time I want to listen to it. [;)]

I guess in the long run, ultimately an artist (or owner of the copyrights) would have to give their consent before a recording is donated to a library (man, don't give the IRAA any ideas....)

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