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Review of my 4638


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Maximo: You will NOT get a e-mail or phone call if your order was SUCESSFUL. Call JBL Pro in 48-72 hours after you order and they will give you all the details. Unlike amazon.com or whatever, you need to call JBl to get info about your order. They're nice folks, so call em' and they will help you.

force95: yes, ALL of the 4638's are in a genuine black vinyl finish. The price (~$216) includes the shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states.


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I had the same problem with a power amp and at that time I was using an old Panamax 1000 surge protector which did some line conditioning, but I had to also add a 15 cents 3 to 2 plug power adapter. The power adapter I think did the trick. I now use the Monster Power 5100 and that beast lets no hum in. If the Monster Power or the adapter or both don't do the trick then it very well may be in the amp itself.



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Originally posted by kenratboy:

If I cannot hear it from the sub, its too low.

Sorry to disagree. But with this methodology you could be hearing 20Hz tones 10dB below 30Hz tones. So, the sub will not be playing 20Hz at good levels.

You need an RTA coupled to a calibrated mic to really know which tones are played at a flat response.

Now, if you feel really good with only your hearing, then I suggest you to use music with lots of power in the lower 20's, and then wait for them to happen and hear if the power you are getting is similar to the 30's or 40's. In other words, by isolating frequencies you are not experiencing the real life potential of the sub.

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A good RTA and Calibrated Mic can get spendy.

Love to have one.

The Radio SPL meter BTW, onlys reads down to 30 Hertz and Maxes out at 10,000.

But I agree with Manuel, you can't really get a fix on things without the proper RTA and Mic.

You can miss those lower frequencies by ear.

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I always thought that I was pretty smart, but how in the ... do you work the speaker posts on these things. When I push in on the button, it covers the hole. With the button out the wire is not trapped. I am going to put two pair of 5 ways on it tomorrow, but now I just have the wires clamped on with some large alligator clips.

Jim Norvell

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It was my Peavey CS800 that was causing the hum/static. I recently scored big time on a Hafler XL600 for $200. and guess what no hum. This amp along with my JBL 4638/SVS 16-46 combo rock & rolls big time. I'm afraid I may cause damage to my room. I plan on moving my system downstairs into my family room.

I will get some pics up this weekend.

Recent upgrades:

JBL 4638

SVS 16-46

HK Signature 2000 pre amp

Acurus A200X5

Hafler XL600

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