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center channel for Heresy


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I have a pair of Heresy's as my mains (purchased new in 1979)and I am currently using a cheap Cerwin Vega center, needless to say it sounds terrible. I have read that the best match would be another Heresy, however, space is an issue. What is my next option, a rc-3 or a klf-c7, or sc-1?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello and welcome! Unfortunately, the RC-3 and SC-1 centers would not be good matches. The former is for the RF-3 series and the later works best with the Synergy Series. Neither has the necessary tone and timbre match your Heritage Line Heresy's require. Of the three, the C7 would serve you better, imo. An Academy Center Channel would be a near perfect match for your Heresy mains, but they are rarely available and are often quite costly too.




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Thanks for all the info, looks like an Academy will be a tough find, probably will go for a c7 - maybe.

Another Heresy is still an option if I can find just 1, and make room for it.

How do a find the single heresy for sale on this site,

I can't seem to locate it?

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