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Klipschorn. The mono-system review by Gary Krakow


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"And boy does the Klipschorn make music. With a minimum of amplifier
wattage a Klipschorn can provide enough sound to fill any room in your
house. Or your neighbor’s house. You get the idea.

The best thing about K-horns is that they not only go loud but they
make music along with deep, deep bass and smooth highs. This big box
sounded amazingly good powered by everything from the classic Fisher
tube receiver to a Dynaco ST-35 (also tubes), a Bedini 25/25 - a
NuForce Icon and a wonderful Altmann BYOB. It doesn’t sound “dated” or
old-fashioned. Just musical.

But, it’s now time to say goodbye to the Klipschorn. We’re
firming-up plans for its repacking and shipping back to the factory.
I’ll miss it a lot (my neighbors probably won’t)."

Full review here

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He didn't seem clear on what's inside the cabinet, referring to a horn tweeter and a big woofer, as if he didn't know the woofer was horn-loaded. Wonder if he even knows what a compression driver is?

He did like the sound a lot, and that's what matters, so I shouldn't grumble...

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