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dick, sorry it had to get personal. said I wasn't attacking you, but I guess maybe you're still a lil mad that the robot lost the election. must hurt to feel you'll lose all those civil liberties, e.g., maybe won't be able to march in your parade biggrin.gif

but we can do something about it - it's called public opinion (liberal media not included). get a clue.

p.s., this is a good example of the advice -

never talk of religion or politics at parties. biggrin.gif

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This debate about CO2 is stupid. If you feel strongly about reducing CO2 emissions, don't wait for the government to force you to do something about it, do something NOW.

It's all personal decisions. Don't drive your car unless you absolutely have to. Don't play your stereo for more than 1 hour a week (electricity generation generates CO2). Don't turn the lights on in the house until after 10:00 PM. Don't run your computer for more than 15 minutes a day (a real energy hog, therefore CO2 producer). And, last but not least, don't eat chili or other flatulent-causing foods.

You know, politics is kind of like speaker brand loyalty. The liberals and democrats are like Bose owners. They think they have the very best and there is nothing better and don't confuse them with the facts. They tend to get emotional about their choices in speakers. The conservatives and republicans are like Klipsch speaker owners. They have heard all the brands, they have made careful, intelligent comparisons and they KNOW they have the very best that they can afford. They are very rational about their choices in speakers. They took a long time finding Klipsch and there is no going back to Bose! biggrin.gif

The libertarians don't own speakers. biggrin.gif


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Wasn't it CO2 that caused the first ice age? Hell, probably even killed the dinosaurs! I just hope they can patch that ever expanding hole we created in the last 100 years. Atleast the democrats totally restructured the health care system. They even did it twice, once in 92 and once in 96. Thanks

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Apparently, it seems that the only thing consistent about conservatives is their inability (or unwillingness) to recognize that citizens and patriots can come in many different flavors. The freedom to express one's ideas is one of the premises of our this country's society. Those who have difficulty making up their own minds about what is really important in life sometimes parrot what they have heard rather than do the difficult work of reading and studying the ideas with which they disagree. The light of day is a difficult taskmaster for all ideas conservative or liberal...

And about "having to get personal," its not necessary to apologize, just get it right next time.


Richard Hemmings

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oh that wasn't an apology to U dick. just an expression of sorrow that u had to draw blood. seems you get it wrong time & time again.

by way, i was originally talking about the issue, not your opinion. i was done, then someone corrected me incorrectly. so i responded.

then comes your personal attack on me ("get a life") - guess, due to your perception, I touched a lil nerve. dem liberals sometimes get sooo mean & hissy biggrin.gif

& your last lil narrative seems to directly contradict the statement you made that I or we can't do anything about it, dick.

& again where u seem to be a big proponent of free speech, but u tell me to "get it right next time". what is "right" dick? only the way u see it, right? the more you write, the more you look like a hypocrite.

this is all pretty funny. & you're wrong again dick - i'm still a lil over 100 posts from "No Life".


thought i'd jump back & edit this. everyone has opinions & we're all of the same world. this board is I think meant for audio/video & such, so i'm just going to finish out my tenure to "no life" on this board by continuing to learn about audio/video &, i hope, helping others on such.

i am sorry if anyone took my comments personally, but never sorry for my right to an opinion. so i'm outta this post. willie's gone. god's speed.

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Well, everything I have learned I learned from the school of hard knocks.

Persons should not be so presumptious. Conservatives come in many different flavors! Don't lump me or anyone else into one catagory. You are making a grave mistake if you do.

BTW, you have to do more than just read and study ideas. You have to actually go out and live those ideas to find out which ones are valid. You must not have only beliefs, you must have knowledge! For example, you need to live the welfare life to be able to comment on it's validity. Likewise, you must go out and listen to a speaker instead of just reading about it's attributes in an audio mag.


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Wow! Now I know how Jerry Springer feels! All I did was start a thread to find out (possibly from the Klipsch boys) if it were indeed true that our former chief executive owns a pair of Klipsch speakers, and to see if anybody knew which model, and it turns into a knock down, drag out political debate! (I too, placed a few choice stabs myself!)

It can never be said that Klipsch owners ain't passionate sons o' *******! It's not surprising, really, since Paul Klipsch's passion for music is reflected in the speakers he developed, and his customers mirror that passion. Folks who don't share in the enthusiasm we have for these speakers will never understand our passion, and that's just fine with me.

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