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Slick Willie's Rig

Mr. Blorry

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We know that our former president, W.J. Clinton, hails from Speakerland, U.S.A. I have heard that he also has supported the local economy by purchasing its most valued commodity. What I want to know is, what model or models does he have in his possession? Did he have any hooked up while in the White House? Maybe he was playing some Barry White tunes through some La Scalas while trying to seduce Monica? biggrin.gif I know there is a movie theatre there; could it be so equipped? Did he leave them for Dubya to enjoy? As governor of AK, maybe he had a pair there as well? I know he would have had to have a pair loud enough to drown out all the noise from the "White Water" flowing outside, so I'd think at least a pair of K-Horns! Anybody have any ideas?

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If Billy C bought klipsch speakers, that may be his one and only redeeming act. Heck, if he does hav'em, he probably stole them, or received them as a "contribution" for which he no doubt either pardoned or hired somebody.

Wonder what dubya listens to?



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JD, you're absolutely right. Even though we thought ol' fertilizer face was a real zero, now we find out he owns a pair of the finest speakers in the land. Hopefully, he paid for them with his own hard earned money biggrin.gif Then again, maybe not. And maybe he's on this BBS somewhere...

I could see Dubya with a sweet pair of Belles...prolly wouldn't know how to turn on the stereo, though.

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Guess what? Bill Clinton IS NOT responsible for the economy getting better!! The hard working people known as taxpayers are. After all, what was the last country to elevate itself into prosperity by taxing the people more? Yes, the internet has made an impact on the marketing of consumer goods, and the government does not like it a bit. If the Capitol Hill thieves would lower taxes to a reasonable level then people would have more money to spend; and do what? Generate more tax revenue AND allow (like we need their permission)the public to own something they want or need. Then everybody's happy (mostly). Gee, in China you need government permission to own a car, a large appliance or even have a child. Last I remember they're a dictatorship. By over taxing the people you regulate these same simple rights of existence for the people that write the government's paycheck. I don't remember the Constitution saying anything like "From the government, for the people....". Symbolism over substance, that all that phony ever was.

Sorry for the flame but the only reason he got in office was that women thought he was good looking and the minority vote was promised more benefits.

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