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La Scalas or Klf-30's for HT?


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Nice room!

Here's what I would do:

- Get the La Scala mains and don't look back. Keep your center as is.

- Someday, you will change that TV (however nice and big it is, the display will eventually be upgraded) and leave a nice hole to put a third La Scala in there! So see it as a future upgrade plan.

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IMHO the lascala is the ultimate HT speaker-maybe their best intended use?- I think that they are a better HT speaker than a 2 ch speaker. Find 3 used Lascalas- make whatever cosmetic and mod adjustments that you feel necessary and be done with it. Upgrade proof front 3 HT lineup and pretty darn nice 2ch speaker setup as well. The Lascalas will also work with any heritage combination down the road. Anytime I turn on my TV I am listening to 3 Lascalas- center and rears. I could not imagine having anything else in those positions. They are stock and I have a grand total of 900.00 in them. Bought from forum members.[Y]

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Get a Heresy for your center, place it on the floor on it's side, and tilt it towards you. That's how I had mine setup for a bit, it worked just fine. Also, with your room size, you probably wouldn't tell much difference if the speaker was to the side, especially if you compensate by moving the L/R accordingly. Just a thought.

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