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    WTB: Speaker cables

    Thanks for the replies guys! Nezff is who I was looking for, trying to get ahold of him now.
  2. Hey guys! Long time no talk! I used to post here a lot but life (baby) got in the way. Hope all the old timers are doing well! I'm looking for the gentleman that used to sell very nice speaker cables on here. Can anyone point me in his direction? Does he still do it? I have a set of his cables that I use on my vert decorator Corns to this day, I love them, and I need another pair for my La Scalas. Thanks for the help, y'all! Hope everyone is well! Jrod
  3. Thanks! Got me new one today from klipsch. Charges great!
  4. If yours is charging properly, I'm sure you're fine. Mine wouldn't even charge after the initial charge ran out.
  5. I loved this little guy out of the box. Plenty of great sound, portable but with a well-built feel. Perfect for travel, my main reason for purchase. Those hotel clock radios don't really cut it for us Klipsch fans... Sadly, the little guy gave out after a week or so, and would never charge back up. After reading some Amazon reviews, apparently there is a fatal flaw with the first run of GiGs (got mine in November). Something about a weak solder near the charger? That said, the guys at Klipsch have been great with my return/exchange. Communication has been swift and thorough. I sent it off Thursday and desperately hope to have my new one back by next Friday (Jan 17), as I'm traveling out of the country again. So now, the anxious wait!
  6. I actually run the UMC with an older model Outlaw amp. I've only had the UMC for a couple weeks, but I really like it. Nice, open soundstage, and it's as simple or complex as you want it to be!
  7. I hope you enjoyed them Lou! This really is a pristine pair of Fortes. GL with the sale.
  8. The black and white spirals above are mine, got them yesterday. They are really solid and look great! Thanks, Nez!
  9. I'm glad you are enjoying them, Lou! It was tough to let them go, but knowing they were going to a good home made it easier. Enjoy them!! Was I right about the bass??? []
  10. Looks great, Fresh! I LOVE old homes. Love the juxtaposition of old and modern...
  11. Initial impressions... I like this little dock. Can't say that I love it, yet. I don't have it dialed in the way I want it just yet. I will say Pandora sounds 1000x's better. Very enjoyable. I'm going to give it a week or so, then I will post a more comprehensive review. I will also say... It is worth EVERY penny of the $90 I paid for it!
  12. Turns out by "On truck, out for delivery" they meant "Next business day". Well, that's today, so I should have impressions for you guys this evening/tomorrow.
  13. On truck, out for delivery... Hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some impressions later today/evening. I'll keep you guys posted.
  14. Purchased one this AM... For less than $100, I thought I'd give it a shot!
  15. JH- So this would be an improvement over the 3.5--->Red/White "splitter" that I am currectly using to feed ipod/ipad audio to my Onkyo? A significant improvement?
  16. Another for everyone to add to their lists... Audio is EXCELLENT. Up there w/ Dave and Tim audio-wise.
  17. Yup, tough to beat that price. As you can see, I run a 6.9 and really like it. Haven't felt the need to upgrade, it does everything I need. Mustang was right, make sure it has plenty of ventilation... These babies run quite warm!! Enjoy!
  18. ANY news, whatsoever, on a release date? Fall 2011 is about 12-14 days from being over... Also, any word on what retailers will carry them? BestBuy, Apple Store, etc...?? I realize some pre-orders have been filled, but I just can do it (pre-order, that is). I don't think I've ever ordered something sight unseen/heard for $400. I will need to touch them and hear them before I drop the coin. I trust Klipsch implicitly, I just want to actually hold them first! Anyone... Anything???
  19. djk wasn't kidding. My CWs are from around the same time and I thought they sounded muddled as well... I listen to them for about 10 seconds and thought the tweets might have been blown. Sure enough, with the help of a sock in the mids, I soon realized they were blown. Both of them. Popped in a set of 77s I had laying around from my LS upgrade and BINGO! Sweet, beautiful CW sound. Give it a shot.
  20. jrod

    Reference One

    The Ref. One's were just recently released. They should start popping up places here pretty soon. The Image One's are still pretty readily available. They are, essentially the exact same 'phone. Same driver, same freq. response, same weight! The Ref. One's have some Reference line stylings, that's about it. If you were in the market, I'd save the $30 and go with the Image's (which I really like). Now, the Mode's... That's a different animal all together!!
  21. jrod

    Plasma or LED?

    Plasma guy, too. Burn-in is simply a thing of the past. On a 5-6yr old plasma, yeah, but it just doesn't happen anymore. I "game" on mine quite a bit, and have never had a problem. Plus, the AR filters and screens are getting pretty good on plasmas. Sports, Blu-rays, games... Plasma picture wins, no contest (my opinion). See if you can find a higher-class Panny (VT-30 series, your local WorstBuy isn't going to carry it in store), that has been calibrated. My local A/V dealer has one. IMHO, there is no comparison in PQ. (The dealer also carries Samsung's top-of-the-line LED) Again, all of these are my opinions, and my opinions alone. No need to flame.
  22. LOVE my 9555. Have run every main speaker in my system on it and with some tweaking each sounded great. Tons of power. Drove all w/ ease. I actually got mine from A4L, as well. They were great to deal with. Very fast shipping, 9555 arrived in perfect condition. Let us know what you decide.
  23. Congrats!!! Listen to them stock for a while. Enjoy them. Then think about Bob's 4500/CT-125 upgrade... I LOVE mine. And, as you can see, I have a problem.
  24. Another option: http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/ONKA9555BLK/Onkyo-A-9555-Integrated-Digital-Amplifier-Black/1.html I love mine. I've had my Fortes on it before, really enjoyed the results. Tons of power, well w/i your budget. I obviously also enjoy the vintage Marantz gear.
  25. jrod

    iPod video

    Do it all the time. The better your wifi network, the better performance you will have. Airplay is legit. Pull up a video on youtube, hit a button, it's playing on your tv. Download a movie on you iphone/ipod, hit a button, it's playing on your tv. Coolest part (IMO), shoot a video on your phone, hit a button... you get it. I really enjoy mine. Can't use "any" receiver though.... Only video out is through HDMI. Jrod
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