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The auction of items that Paul may have touched or used was very interesting. The bidding got spirited at times. The picture shows Jim Hunter on the right and Dub or Don leading the auction on the left. The item in Jim's hand is a Bose.



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Oh, and as for my auction win, I got a Heresy mid horn that PWK treated with a rubberized type coating to experiment with reducing horn resonance etc. It was a nice small item that I can keep in my listening room to remind me of the man that made all this happen.

I think going forward, having this momento, along with the feeling I had in the Klipsch birthing suite (factory), will be cherished memories.

I have to go find that thread about custom heritage veneers now so I can start researching my conwall III purchase...

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Don't say that Ian, I'm right there with ya!

Did you find a treasure trove of tubes in your purchase?


Stock full of 12au7 12at7 and many 6sl7 6v6gt tubes : ) Plus it looks cool. Something to confuse people and me.

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