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Help with center channel placement (pic included)


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Hi everyone, I have a dilemma and I could use some help.

I just got my new TV stand and set everything up and I need some advice on where to mount the center channel.

I have two options.

Posted Image

1) to reinstall a floating shelf (since my new stand is inches taller then the previous) The only problem with this is the center speaker will be 20 inches higher then the mains. my RC-52 does have an adjustable peg in the rear, is this feasible to do? I didn't know if it was to much higher.

2) mount the TV on the wall and rest the center on the TV stand. I don't really want to do this because my walls are 24inch on center (basement, came like that) It is possible to do but it would be a last resort, or unless I will get better sound?

Oh and sorry for the mess I just finished taking the old tv stand out.

Thanks in advance.


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Here is one suggestion. Build a wood riser a little wider than the LCD TV stand and place the center inside or in front of it. Or just get one of these.


If the sides of the riser are not tall enough, have the guy build it taller to accomodate the RC-52.


Order this one raw(unstained/painted) and make it color of TV stand.


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How do they get the legs to stand? Also would i need a back plate on this to make it secure for a 90lb tv?

The specs on the website indicate the riser will hold a TV up to 120 pounds. I am sure the legs are secured properly to do so.


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thanks for the advice guys. I check out those websites and I think I would have a very hard time matching the stain.

Thanks Wuzzer for option No.3. The base for my samsung would have 2inches of overhang on each side. Also its only a RC-52, don't think I would a 85 pound TV on a 22 pond speaker. Is that your way of telling me to upgrade my center..LOL.

I think I might just install a floating shelf again and put above the TV.

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I don't know if actual psychoacoustic research is available on this, but general agreement seems to be that a center above the TV sounds more natural then a center below the TV, maybe because the center carries most of the dialog, and we find voices below the image stranger then voice above. A shelf above the TV, with the speaker angles down slightly, should sound just fine.

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