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Run whole computer from flash drive?

Jeff Matthews

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SS's are internal drives?

How are these different than flash drives? Must be faster, I presume, but how are they different such that they are faster?

Jeffers, SSD's ARE Flash drives that are form factor identical to a 2.5" SATA HDD. The RAM isn't as fast as dynamic RAM, but it's a whole lot faster than any mechanical drive...and a whole lot more robust.

Drives are available that actually use DDR RAM...and they are monstrous fast...like 6 second boot on XP. However, they are also monstrous expensive.

RAM Drive

That one is twice as fast as the fastest SSD. Of course, this is all rapidly changing and the prices drop constantly and the speeds are increasing. Pretty soon not even Microsoft will be able to come up with a way to obsolete your hardware by writing more code that does nothing but slow you down.


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Still, though, they need to get these things to where they are like little flash drives that attach to your keychains.

They already have those... You are using them. They are thumb drives, USB Flash drives, or various chips like SD, SDHD, Compact Flash Memory, etc. The first SSD I use as a system disc required a DOM (disc on memory) converter. You installed it in the SATA disk controller on the system board, then plugged a 16gb Compact Flash chip into it. Instant SSD. However, it wasn't as fast as the native SSD being made now.

The SSD is simply flash memory with a SATA interface built in. It looks just like a 2.5" SATA HDD. That's the whole point. You can replace any laptop dirve directly, and using a 2.5 to 3.5 inch converter box (less than 20.00) you can replace any SATA desktop system or other drive directly as well.

Much more convenient and faster than the DOM method.

BTW, ripped a DVD this morning. 2 hours of video in 31 minutes. Averaged 2.5X and at one time hit 300fps! Fast is good. In business usage, these things pay for themselves FAST.

My lifetime computer saying has been "If you have to wait on it, it is too slow!"


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