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HT picture update


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Here are the updates of my HT.

Changes are :

- pioneer VSX 909RDS(THX ultra)

- overall placement.

- the two audio racks.

- biwired with FTP triple braided cat5 cable for all 5 speakers. All connections are done with Banana plugs (havy duty 24K gold plating --> http://www.in-akustik.com/Monitor/2001/images/008147.jpg)

- self made speaker stand for RC-3.

12% inclination and weighs 45kg (100lbs).

enjoy the pictures!




Receiver: Pioneer VSX-909RDS

DVD: Pioneer DV-525

Screen: Thomson 46" RetroProjection

Front: RF-3 tFTP

Rear: RF-3 tFTP

Center: RC-3 tFTP

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How do you like the braided CAT-5? It looks cool, if nothing else. I couldn't tell the difference with my La Scalas. If I did it again, and I'd recommend others doing it, I'd use 3 different colors to make the braid. It's just for aesthetics, BTW.


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The FTP cat5 is the best upgrade I ever did!!!

Previous I had the cobra 2.5 from monitor. A friend of my let me use his kimber 4TC cables (2x2m), just for the fun. If I had to biwire all my speaker with that cable I could build up a new HT.

But the cable impressed me so hard that the monitor cable had to go. So I had to find something close to the kimber. The cheapest was to go with cat5 cable.

In short, the FTP cat5 cable matches the kimber very well. The FTP cat5 is a bit brighter and even more dynamical.

Even my RF-3's and RC-3 have the FTP cat5 as internal wire!!

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Two things come to mind....."nice rack" and "nice cones"




Klipsch Chorus I Mains

Klipsch Academy Center

Klipsch Forte II surrounds

Marantz SR19EX Receiver

Yamaha 5 CD Changer

Mitsubishi WS-55807 55" HDTV

Playstation 2 for games/DVD

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