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Man versus Bear


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i don't think there is a human being who could beat that bear.

I think you're right. The sheer size of the bear relative to the human was overwhelming.

Good engineering on the bear's dish. The hot dogs stayed right where they belonged.
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Greenlanders hunt polar bears with their husky dogs pulling the sled first then releasing the dogs to encircle and harass the bear to keep him in one spot with the bear sort of wondering what do I do next. Then the Greenlander gets his old rusty .22 caliber rifle (it's a piece of junk) and puts one shot into the ear of the bear---bear dead. The bear can kill any of the the dogs but the dogs are too quick and easily get out of the way. The Greenlanders can shoot a seal from 50 yards standing in a small canoe and get the seal before it sinks back into the ocean. The Greenlanders treat their dogs like "dog crap" and they are really tough---some of them with short fur feel like your petting a wire brush it's so tough. The dogs are partial to eating humans (and just about anything else) if things fall into place. Several children have been killed this way.


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