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Mirage speakers: Just a mirage?


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Just wondering...

Mirage speakers have been on deep discount at some authorized internet retailers for awhile. (Example: OM-28's that list for $3750 each are going for about a third of that.) So I'm just wondering what's up with that? Is Klipsch going to kill off the brand? Reshape their image and/or product line? Or maybe it's just a sign of hard times in the hi-fi industry. Anybody have any insight? Opinions? Or do like I do and just shovel some [bs]

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note to self:

do not ask question about mirage speakers on klipsch forum! Embarrassed

Good point, a couple may own them here but not many.

I have heard some and was impressed, but tend to lean toward the horn sound and really know nothing about Mirage.

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Klipsch bought Mirage a couple of years ago or so, in the same deal that put Energy under the Klipsch umbrella. Then, sometime after Klipsch took over I started seeing the best of the current Mirage line being deep discounted. So I'm just wondering, that's all.

I agree, the M series was pretty special. Never heard the subs.

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