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New Khorns and VAC system


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Actually I have had the system for some months now but have been very busy. I was looking for a simple SACD-based high performance system.

Settled on new rosewood Khorns (some of you saw them at the factory during the pilgrimage), a VAC Sigma 160i integrated amplifier, a Sony XA5400ES SACD player, and a PS Audio Power Plant Premier AC Regenerator.

The rosewood khorns are beautiful and I am particularly impressed with the VAC amplifier in this application.

I have attached some photos.

I appreciate the excellent advice I received from the members of this forum while contemplating various component and set-up options.



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Some new guys just like to make a better impression than others. You sure did a nice job for a new guy. Can`t wait till you decide you have to go jub`s or cenima crazy. Congratulations on a fine system and welcome to the forum. Can you share with us what made you decide to take this path and what your previous system was? No one was ever sorry they bought quality. You have a lifetime of enjoyment there, best regards Moray James.

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Thanks Moray.

My previous system consisted of Quad speakers and VAC amplification. I was also very impressed with the VAC amplifiers in that application.

In this system I was looking for simplicity, musicality, and a system that I would be happy with for a long time.

In the 1970's I had Cornwall speakers and wanted Khorns but never had an appropriate room until now. At that time Klipsch was offering many custom finishes and I had always liked the rosewood finish.

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Thanks, I really like the new system.

Very different than the Quads of course.

The Quads have notable strengths ... as do the Khorns ... just very different.

Hard to say one is better than the other. All speakers are a collection compromises.

I have decided that the Khorns when paired with a very high quality and complimentary amplifier embody a specific set of strengths and compromises that I enjoy.


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Earlier versions of the PS Audio power regeneration systems typically produced 300W or 500W -- great for source material, but not really enough for many power amps. The Power Plant Premier's maximum output is 1500W.

Our local power is relatively noisy with substantial voltage fluctuations. The Power Plant really cleans it up. PS Audio has now replaced the Power Plant Premier with the Power Plant P5 and Power Plant P10 models.

My experience is generally the same as the reviewer described in the Stereophile review found at the link below.


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  • 7 months later...

Have you tried them without the false corners? If you did, what was the difference and how did they sound?

I'm glad to read about a high-quality tube integrated amp on Klipschorns. I believe the sound of tubes with the near silent background noise you reported would be really nice, clear, and real.

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