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Cornwall Serial Number Tags Blank Except for Serial Number - No Signatures? SOLVED - Just Really Faded!


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After purchasing a set of late 1984 Cornwalls, I noticed that the serial number tags are completely blank except for the serial numbers. Shouldn't they at least be the Cornwall labels with signatures plus the serial numbers instead of blank paper with serials? Maybe they ran out of the first generation Cornwall tags, since these were made at the very end of 1984? They do not appear to be faded, just white tags with serials.

These had one prior owner since new.

The serial numbers are 8451645 & 8451646.


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If the tags weren't the correct size or color, or if they weren't stapled like originals, or if the serial number font and placement were different, I'd say maybe they were replacements, but they do look like Klipsch tags - they even have the glue backing, that was apparently not wetted/activated. I suppose they could have been factory or temporary replacements affixed by Klipsch. Maybe they really did run out of the printed tags and were planning on swapping when more were available?

Thanks for the posting of other 1984 tags, they are similar, but with all the info missing from mine! It's a small mystery.

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Those are original. The ink used on the serial stamp is "india" ink and does not fade. The fading was caused by humidity and sunlight.

Just an offer, but if you send me a PM and then send them to me, I can use some of my forensic skills to pull the information from the tages. While things fade, there may be discernible impressions and readable writing under "alternative light sources" that use a different frequency.


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Mystery solved! bkrop and Groomlakearea51 (plus thanks for the offer) are both correct! I took a closer look at the labels with a flashlight aimed at an angle. You can see one tiny faint brown line from the label info and the impressions from two signatures and the CWO designation. The rest of the back really looks good, not faded in any way. I guess 27 years can do that to ink. Thanks for the comments.

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