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  1. interested in the el34 6ca7s
  2. bkrop

    WTB: La Scala

    Mixed reviews? More like mixed reviewers!
  3. JBL 3731 and McIntosh Google image search is your friend, hey I have some gear to send your way , I'll email you.
  4. So this is a great example of how specs can be misleading, the RB-81s go lower and range higher than the Lascalas but what sounds better??? I bet it's not even a night and day difference!
  5. On the left or right should work, the speaker is on the right side of the cabinet with a front port. the unit is also somewhat heavy so you should also consider placing the printer ON the sub!
  6. bkrop

    X10i + iphone 6

    Are they compatible? The specs for the X11i only lists compatability through the iPhone 5.
  7. RB-81s with a 299C are a great match in my office!
  8. J.L.> audio classics is great, you don't need to check ahead they will have several amps hooked up that you can listen to through several speakers. They might all be really expensive but they will let you listen. Last time i was there i listened to the pf- 39 palladiums through mac ss and tube gear along with mac and b/w speakers for about an hour by myself! They also used to have a cut a way klipschorn so you could see how it works. it's worth the trip!
  9. Why do cowboys own dachshunds? They keep hearing... " Get Along Little Doggie"
  10. At home both on the computer and on my main system + TV DVD and at the office.
  11. who doesn't come here?
  12. bkrop

    La Scalas

    for an idea https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/101046-the-gripper-thing/?hl=hdbrbuilder from the past
  13. They could have been from a custom installation but maybe they were modded for "false corners" on the bass bins
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