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Mcintosh and heresy's


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Hi all !

I have not long brought some nice refurbished heresy ii's

and am trying out alot of diffferent amps such as nad,redgum,arcam and yamaha..........

so far the arcam (alpha 7) sounds best!

Anyway,i have a chance to buy a Mcintosh MC 2505 power amp for $650 aud in mint condition and wondered what to expect?

Does anyone have any experiences with the Mcintosh/Klipsch combo?

He also has a reciever/preamp 1900 for sale in mint conditon for $750 or both for $1300 aud

Would love to hear from the trusty people on here.

Thanks and by the way......................I love those Heresy's!!

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Many here, myself included, run a 2505 with Heritage speakers and are very pleased with the results. They certainly have a proven track record for decades of trouble-free operation. A service manual and schematic are readily available should they ever be needed. They're overbuilt compared to many and offer better speaker protection than most. And FWIW, IMO it offers classic sex appeal second to none. They hold resale value well too.

Dope from Hope Vol 16 No. 1 says 45w will get you 105db avg spl in 3,000 cu.ft.and I've heard that the 2505 is conservatively rated at 50w/channel. If that works in your situation, I'd say go for it. What've you got to lose? You can always flip it and get your money back but I doubt you'd be disappointed.

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I have owned a half a dozen different Klipsch heritage and Mcintosh systems. I currently have two.

One tube and one solid state. I have to say Mcintosh is one of the best matches out there for Klipsch

heritage speakers. However with units that old they need to be recently serviced and recapped to sound best.

Just because they are mint does not mean they are up to spec.

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I had a set of H2's running off a mC 2505..... heaven on earth, Not sure about the receiver as a preamp.... you may want to look for a better pre, the 2505 is fairly neutral, where as some of the Mcintosh vintage recievers/preamps sound very "wooly", overly bloomy and sloppy "to my ears" *****example: when I put a modern tube preamp in line with the 2505, in place of the vintage Mc pre I had ( fully reconditioned and up to spec), it was as if somebody "took the blanket of the front of the Heresy's"....

On that note, heresy's are very easy to drive and work well with a lot of different amps/ recievers.... had a restored marantz receiver that was great and my fav was a Sansui AU-7900 int.... About $350 bucks :)

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I had a C26 and an MC 250 running a pair of H 1's, and before that only had low-power receivers. The thing I noticed first, the biggest difference, was in the nature and character of the bass and drum sounds. There was increased dynamic range because the low end had been made different. These speakers had always sounded good, but then sounded better. I cannot really see powering them (or anything Klipsch) with anything but separates. One is a flop-eared mule, the other a finely-featured racehorse...

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