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Best possible HT arrangement


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I'm looking for comments and reasoning on how I can setup my HT system. I've been cramped, but soon I will be moving into a new home. The intertainment room is 20 x 24? (480 Sq Ft)

This is my system

4 La scalas

5 Heresey II

1 Pair KLF 30's

1 Pair KLF 20's


1 Pair JBL L-7's

1 KSW 300

1 KSW 200

1 Kenwood SW 300 ( Please don't laugh) it was my first sub I didn't know what I was doing.

Yamaha DSP A-1 Intragrated Amp (DTS)

Yamaha A/V Receiver RX-V2095 (DTS)

Panasonic DVD A310

Adcom GCD-700

Adcom GCD-750

Adcom GFP-750 Pre Amp

Adcom GFA 5503 Amp

Adcom GFA 5500 Amp

Adcom GFA 6000 Amp

Onkyo M-508 Power Amp

I'm looking for placement of speakers and what wall should I place it on? The 20' or 24'?

Should I run both the Intragrated Amp and Receiver together using more speakers?

My DVD player can run both optical and Coaxal at the same time. At present I'm using my Amps for pre outs.

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If you want a lot of seating, La Scalas in all 4 corners, TV in the center of the short wall, 1 Heresy for a center channel, another for center rear, 2 more for side surrounds. Sell the rest of the gear and buy better amps than Adcom. Look hard at an Aragon Soundstage and 8008 amps.


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tljraj, don't have an answer for your set-up question,sorry,but instead have a question for you.I have been looking for info on the Klipsch KT-LCR line of speakers.Have had no luck.Interested in specs,pics,etc.Any idea of

where to find info? Thanks.


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John, I'll try the Lascalas in the corners and Heresey II's as side surrounds. My DSP A-1 Amp has terminals for dual centers, would having two Heresey II's for center be better than one? (The more the better thinking)

When you say center rear do you mean center surround, because I don't believe I have that capability?.

I'll take a look at the Aragon Soundstage and 8008 Amps. What kind of spes's on amps in general should I be seeking? Thanks for your post.

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talktoKieth, Yes I know what you mean this is what I have for spec's.

The KT-LCR family consist of: KT-LCR, KT-DS surround channel, KT-SW 15 powered subwoofer.

KT-LCR: B/W 65-20 kHz

Sen 95 dB

8 ohms nom/ 4 ohms min

Power 100 watts (425 peak)

Video shielded

KT-DS: B/W 100-20 kHz

Sen 91 dB

8 nom/ 4 min

Power 100 (240peak)

KT-SW 15: Amp 200 watts / 4 ohms/

Dynamic Headroom 1 dB

(252 watts into 4 ohms)

Passive Radiator

F/R 35-250 Hz

Video Shielded

Hope this helps out.

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Two Heresy centers won't hurt.

The center rear is a new inovation. I believe it's called ES and EX, basically using ProLogic to make a rear center out of the 2 rear channels. The disc has to have the encoding for it to work well.

I like to see an amp that can put out nearly 2x the rating into 4 ohms and I think 100 watts/channel is plenty. I like to see distortion ratings at or just below 0.1%, too low implies too much negative feedback and much more implies too little. I like simple designs, MOSFET output devices, high damping factors (>300) and slewing rates (>100). Knowing that an amp can pass a clean square wave at more than 1 watt is good, showing good power supply, current capacity and wide bandwidth (you won't se this info much).

Finally, you have to listen to it, because all of the specs in the world won't describe how it interacts with your electronics and speakers. If the amp has a "character" or sound of it's own, other than the ability to tightly control the speaker, I don't like it.

Boy, that sounds erudite, didn't mean to get that far out.


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I agree with John about getting better amplification than Adcom. Not that Adcom is bad, but there are better options out there for your La Scalas. Also, I don't think you have too many speakers, but you may have too many speakers in that room. Remember that each speaker has movable diaphrams. When one speaker is playing, the sound pressure is going to vibrate the diaphrams of the speakers that are not playing, and thus they will make some (unwanted) sound. I haven't tried this out in practice, but in theory it sounds like the other speakers will affect the sound. Maybe you can test this theory. Just a thought.

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tljraj - There are ways to create pseudo-6.1. The one I've heard most about simply involves digging out your old Dolby Pro Logic receiver, feeding the rear pre-amp outs of your Dolby Digital receiver into your Pro receiver, then wiring left/center/right speaker outputs to your rear left/center/right speakers. That creates a center channel by matrixing the rear channels. SteveP on this board used that successfully before he got a "real" 6.1 decoder (Denon 3801).

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if you want to do more than 5.1 channels, you have to have a preamp (or preamp section) that decodes into 6.1 or 7.1 channels. you certainly have enough speakers. i don't know- is your yammy upgradeable to any of the 6.1 matrixed, DTS 6.1 discrete, or 7.1 matrixed?

if not u may want to look for a new preamp/receiver that does it (like the denon 5800 f.e.). then u could spread out 4 of the heresy as side surrounds running a+b & use the other 2 lascala for the 2 rear surrounds. then u still have speakers to spare.

just a start -

how to get all those speakers working best w/ just a 9.1 setup is my limit.

but like DD said u need the decoding for those. to add though, DTS now has 6.1 discrete where the rear center is a distinct non-matrixed channel.

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i think wiring up 2 centers is pretty silly.

the 4 heresy would be great for 2 sets of side surrounds to really give you that theater effect. but hell w/ all those damn speakers if you want 2 centers u've got the klf to spare for side surrounds.

is this a joke boy? u the nephew of Mr. Klipsch? what the hell u doing w/ all those speakers? smile.gif

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well, i just bought a demo model of the kt-lcr center from hooper's audio - i haven't even hooked it up yet, because it has nowhere to sit! the manual recommends it sit vertically instead of horizontal. any ideas about that? i'm gonna try it horizontally anyway. fingers are crossed that it sounds as good as it looks.


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Use the heritage series speakers(LaScalas and Heresys)together. Don't mix them with the others or you have a sonic mismatch. Use the LaScalas as left and right front ...probably best in corners but depends on room acoustics ... experiment .... Center could be a LaScala or one or two Heresys ... four Heresys as surrounds will probably work well ...hang them high perhaps angled slightly downward ...again you must experiment due to room acoustics .... I use 2 Klipschorns, 4 LaScalas and the components from two Heresys (above and below my TV monitor in a custom built cabinet) ... had to do a lot of experimentation ....ended up with La Scalas stacked with upper set angled forward and serving as surround/dsp speakers with the bottom pair angled towards and reflecting off of back wall in a similar sized room to yours. Unbelievable sound! The Heritage speakers are much,much cleaner than the subs you list so I would suggest using the subs only for the .1 LFE effects on movies. You probably will find the sound is better without them for music ,,,my K-horns have the cleanest bass imaginable ...very natural; very real ...I use the discontinued Klipsch LF-10 subs for my LFEs. Can not comment on the amps because I use an Outlaw 1050 6.1 receiver which I love.

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