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Cornwalls in Princeton NJ


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I wrote the following yesterday and sent it as a "reply" to another posting in this thread, thinking it would be posted in turn. I cannot find it on the Garage Sale site anywhere. How this site works has baffled me several times, not least of which is that clicking on "Help" sends you to a completely different and unrelated organization.



I'm sorry for not having resolved this transaction yet, but the problem is the result of the facts that (1) I'm retired and so never have enough time
to do everything I should, (2) I've NEVER tried selling anything online before, and it took months of 'research' to figure out what probably would
be a fair offering price, (3) I only discovered The Klipsch Community Garage Sale after all that time, and this was what happened right after

5:36 pm -- DickR joined Garage Sale
6:07 pm -- Posted the offer of Cornwalls in Princeton, etc.
8:07 pm -- magaret dubois requested pictures [which I didn't know how to post until much later]
9:07 pm -- Budman explained my error in reading the serial numbers (I've thanked him)
9:07 pm -- Mechman asked where I'm located, and for pix
11:08 pm -- Yankeefrank asked me to "get back to me" [was this an offer to negotiate, which I didn't want to get into]
11:08 pm -- teeshots sent his email address

1:38 am -- CLUBSTA or John asked to be able to come from NYC to "meet you over the weekend" [my weekend was both full and jumbled up, so I couldn't
11:08 am -- khorndog [a suggestive nickname in this context? ] sent an incorrect telephone number, which she later corrected
11:38 am -- lifter asked "where in P-Town ..." and that he could have someone pick them up ...

I have since spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to take, and post, some pix, and then how to actually GET AN ACCEPTANCE of my offer.
I've seen the discussion about who has priority and whether anyone has actually offered to pay $1200 and come pick up the goods. The situation
was complicated by the fact there would be difficulty in setting up to demonstrate the speakers. I also was concerned about payment (it's embarrassing that I never thought about PayPal until someone mentioned it today).

Anyway, a little while ago I left a phone message at the number that I thought was the first person to actually imply an acceptance. I don't pretend to have handled this in the best way but frankly, which of you can look back and say "I did make an offer"?


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Be careful about those "implied" acceptances. Anything other than, "I' ll take them. here's the money." is not an acceptance, but a counter offer. "I'll take them, but . . ." is not an acceptance.

If I were in your situation, I'd contact the first person I felt "impliedly accepted" my offer. Give that person a reasonable time to confirm the acceptance by PayPal, etc.. If #1 isn't interested on those terms, move on to whomever you feel is #2, and so forth.

Expressing interest is not the same as accepting your offer.

The people on this forum are, for the most part, reliable and honorable. That said, I would not allow anyone to obstruct a sale to someone ready to meet my price without a deposit to show good faith.

Until someone provides $1,200 (cash, wire, PayPal, etc), you've nothing to lose by letting tire kickers ask questions and pose hypotheticals. Anyone who is serious will demonstrate that with $$$. Everyone else is hoping for an audition, shipping miracles, etc., which is fine, as long as no one else is interested enough to meet your price.

Best wishes.

EDIT: 05/10/13 @ 21:10 EDT

Your post might have been better located in your other thread http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/173771.aspx?PageIndex=1

To minimize confusion, I suggest posting only in one thread or the other.
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