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2A3 MOONDOGS for sale


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In perfect condition with about 50 hours on this set of tubes. Comes with manual & power cords. $2,500.00 , OBO,or will consider trades stereo gear or what you got.[:D]

Moondog details:

- Birds Eye Maple wooden bases (brass top mounting plates)

Ultimate Upgrade option = Caddock resistors, Blackgate Muse
electrolytic power supply capacitors, Jensen Copper Foil paper-in-oil
capacitors and precision machined Teflon tube sockets

- Output transformers = Electra-Print (USA)

- Output tube(s) = TJ Mesh Plate 300Bn/2.5V

- Rectifier tube(s) = CV378/GZ37 (a Mullard upgrade)

- Driver tubes = 6SN7 JANWGTA (PhillipsECG - made in USA)

- Point-to-point wiring (no circuit boards) using solid core OFC hookup wires

- Output taps for 2, 4, 8 and 16 ohms

- Cardas brand RCA connectors for the input jacks and binding posts

- The parts manual and the color-coded assembly manual will be included.



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You are running 300B output tubes and not 2A3s? Should have tried some 2A3 tubes...


Interesting point You raised Marvel. When I told the previous seller I wasnt interested in another 300B amp. (since I already own one), this is what he said-

" The TJ Mesh Plate 300Bn/2.5 V tubes are interchangeable with all other 2A3 tubes. No components need to be changed.

is a bit confusing that the TJ Mesh Plate 300B tubes come in two
flavors. One is made to be used in 300B circuits. The other one runs at
2.5 Volts and is made for 2A3 designs. Both are called "300B" (the
voltages are different, hence the additional info on the label of the
2A3 version to make it clear as mud? Ha ha.)

I purchased my Moondogs, Ron Welborne was offering the "TJ Mesh Plate
300Bn/2.5 V tubes" as an upgrade over his other option available at the
time (i.e. SOVTEK 2A3 tubes made in Russia).
The version of TJ Mesh Plates that I have are the 2A3 (equivalent), 2.5 Volt, version. These tubes are clearly labeled/marked: TJ 300Bn/2.5 V"

I have a pair of Sovtek 2A3 tubes I will give them a try for comparison with the TJ's. Thanks for the suggestion Marvel.


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