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FS: Walnut Heresy II with factory risers


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I am selling my beloved Klipsch Heresy II (walnut oiled) with matching factory risers. These were built in 1990 or 1991 (hard to tell with the weird serial numbers used in those two years) and have the consecutive serial numbers 59620 and 59621. The crossovers were recapped in 2011 (Sonicaps + a non-polarized electrolytic), but the speakers are otherwise stock. They have been very well cared for, but are 20+ years old so there are slight signs of wear (mostly in the edge banding around the motor board). All seams are tight and the grilles are in very good shape.

I am asking $450.00 for the speakers with the factory risers included. If you do not want the risers, I'll drop the price to $400.00. Local pickup (Puget Sound area) preferred as these would be extremely expensive to ship due to weight and size. If you are local and wish to audition them, this can be arranged.









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I may have a buyer depending on your location. Did I miss it?

Site upgrade apparently nuked my location from my profile. I've re-added it.

Location is Puget Sound region (Seattle and greater environs). I've updated the original post as well.


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