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WTB Technics SL-1300, 1400 &/or 1500 whole or parts


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I'm specifically looking for a serviceable dustcover for my Technics SL-1500 (same dustcover as SL-1300 & SL-1400). I'm aware of new reproduction covers on eBay for $152.70, including shipping. If I pay that much for a dustcover, it will be attached to a used TT.

Scratches do not concern me; cracks and chips are a concern. Whole TTs, working or not, are of interest. If you have anything that seems to be what I'm looking for, please send PM or email.


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I just refurbished a clean Technics SL-1600 w/minty dust cover - for a customer. I surgically shortened the two coaxial output cables to remedy an intermittent connection - seemed to be just beyond the strain-relief near the exit point - so I sacrificed a few inches of original cable and re-soldered both hots & shields back to their original terminations. Since I was billing $40/hr., I took photos of the procedure.

After the doofus declined my $40 repair bill, I decided this would be MY new turntable. Went to Needle Doctor (one mile) inquiring about ADC XLM phono cartridges, my old favorite from the '70's. Installed the Gold ADC XLM cart w/new "Mk IV" stylus. Testing it soon.

I can send photos tomorrow...

Cheers from Minneapolis!

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