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WTB: Klipsch LA Scala pair Chicago land/Milwaukee area


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Hello all,

I'm looking to purchase my first pair of LA Scala's. I would like to buy a black pair. I have to have at least the grills that cover the upper and mid horns. I am looking to buy them in good condition, not a project. If anyone happens to have a very dark stain, that might also work. I really just can't make a walnut pair work. Otherwise, I think I could work with a bare plywood pair, and possibly stain them down the road. I'm a big fan of keeping speakers stock from the factory, because I think they're fantastic just the way Klipsch makes them. I sold my only pair of speakers I had left, so I am hoping to find a pair sooner than later. I am looking to spend anywhere from $1000 up to maybe $1500. There is a pair in Texas that is in fantastic shape asking $1500, so I'm hoping this is a fair amount if someone happens to be looking to sell theirs to try something new. I would like to buy a local pair, not looking for a big road trip or to be shipping these tanks.

Thanks for reading!

Will O.

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I have a pair for $900 and they are in working condition. they were used in a roller skating rink and are a bit old. Im not sure how to add a picture in this comment but I have a post up that has a picture of one. They are black. I am located in Central New York. Thanks!

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