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advice for Atmos on ceiling speakers


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Hello all from newbie from Vietnam,


I am running a 7.1 Klipsch system include:


- front: 2 x RF7II

- center: 1 x RC64C

- surrounds:2 x RS62 II

- surround back: 2x RB81II


Now I would like to upgrade my system to Atmos 7.1.4, I prefer to mount the speakers on the ceiling.


I prefer to use 2 pairs of RP-250S but my Klipsch AD here in Vietnam said these speakers are not good for on-ceiling Atmos because the dispersion is not good, the buyer ( Klipsch dealer) recommend to use the in-ceiling speaker such as Jamo IC408LCR FG with wide sound dispersion ( about 120 degree).


Experts ! pls help me to choose or tell me the pros and cons between RP-250S vs in-Ceiling speakers  vs bookself speakers such as RP-160M for x.x.4 Atmos speakers.


Thanks you guys very much.



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why not the Klipsch RP-140SA? They are Atmos Speakers. Why do they have to be in the ceiling when you can just put them on your RF7. They look pretty cool

these would be the last option for people who can't use in ceiling. On ceiling will trump these every time. Plus I've heard from a few that tiny 140's have a hard time keeping up with the rf-7ii
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Welcome Happy!!!

Those Jamo's are very similar to the Klipsch that I am using. (See signature). I have been happy with mine. I wouldn't go overboard putting in speakers with the amount of content that is sent to the speakers. I have heard mine in stereo mode and they sound fine. All that is needed for Atmos IMHO.

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Personally I'd look at the pro models which are rebadged Jamo's, or actual Jamo's if possible, the ones with the soft dome tweeter. The 5800's are a bit aggressive up high in my opinion.

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