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What to do with RF-7II internals??


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A while back, I acquired (free) a RF-7II speaker that had significant cabinet/veneer damage. Its just been sitting around since then and I'm wondering what I could do with it. Aside from saving the parts for potential repairs to my RF-7II's in use already, that is. I've had Klipsch gear for 15+ years now and I've never had any mechanical/technical issues, so it seems like it would be a better idea to use the internals for something else.


Any good ideas out there? I thought about trying to make a center channel. Or trying to use the parts to restore a pair of Sansui SP-1000's that have been sitting idle for 20 years at my parents' place. I'd be open to just about anything... Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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I vote for center channel if you have the room.  You might want to check out DeanG's crossover upgrade while you're at it if you haven't already done so.  Good luck.  I built a pair of cabinets with curved side with all RF7ii parts and it sounded great.  Should be a killer cc.


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I really like the idea of a center channel as well. I have a pair of 70th anniversary Heresy's, and it would be outstanding to have a center to match with these. Really just a matter of finding the materials, especially the grill cloth. I'll have to look into it.


What would a 'heritage-style' center channel look like? hmmmm

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