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Sold: Oppo BDP-83


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Bought this used locally in Spring of last year.  I sent it to Oppo because, after a month of use, the tray door wouldn't open.  They fixed it and did a full post-repair diagnostic.  I've been using it over a year without any problems with an HK 730.  The repair paperwork will be sent with this unit.

Oppo is very transparent with this issue.  From their website: https://www.oppodigital.com/KnowledgeBase.aspx?KBID=16&ProdID=BDP-95


This is in excellent working order and 9/10 cosmetically.

Selling this to help fund a second 103.


$230 Shipped in Oppo's factory box via FedEx Ground, to U.S. lower 48 only.

Comes with remote and power cord.









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According to the manual, it does not play:


BDs with cartridge



Data portion of CD-Extras

BD-Video/DVD-Video with a different region code

Some DualDiscs: A DualDisc is a two sided disc with

  DVD on one side and digital audio on the other side. The

  digital audio side does not meet the technical

  specifications of the Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA)

  format so playback is not guaranteed.

Music discs encoded with copyright protection

  technologies: among such discs, some do not conform to

  the CD standard and may not be usable on this player.


Bill's right, no streaming capabilities.  It has an Ethernet input in the back for firmware updates.  Forgot to say, Oppo updated the firmware during its repair.

This has an excellent DAC.  Never got into other formats, I've used it for CDs the whole time. 

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On ‎9‎/‎3‎/‎2016 at 10:54 AM, CHASLS2 said:

It has to go into repair per OPPO.  I am just gonnan throw it out.  Better to buy a cheap brand.

It's possible a firmware update may fix your 'Hello' issue.  Sounds like you're done with it, BUT I think it's worth trying before the dumpster.  If you can get it to start up without the Hello lock, here's how to update the firmware.

If you are going to pitch it, bring it into a Best Buy.  They take any electronics to be recycled for free, even CRT TVs at no charge.  Power cords, remotes, everything.

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2 hours ago, ssh said:

This 83 I'm buying from Rivernuggets  replaces one I'm sending to OPPO because it won't power on. I have three others, including a 103. I believe in them and their equipment. And yes, I have some reference points.


I'm a fan of Oppo as well.  Their customer service is very good.

The 103 model I've had for a couple years has been a stellar player, no issues.  Saving for a second.

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