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On 9/30/2016 at 3:56 AM, ricktate said:

Looks cool ...wondering why not go ahead and make box bigger ??


I was just using what I had lying around... I also wasn't looking to add any significant volume to the enclosure. 

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I've actually just recently played around with these... switched the horn/driver combinations...


K704T+D220Ti  Tweeter

K703+K55  Squawker

K28E Woofer


I originally wanted to wait until I had an extra pair of K52H to try this (I don't think the K55 is a good fit) but it doesn't sound too bad?



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Just as another an update...  I ended up making this a 2-way with a K703+D202Ti Tweeter and K28E woofer... used the crossover from a KPT-1201 as a starting point


Sounds quite nice, better than I expected


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Just to give some props here...


CANT has been, and continues to be, a major inspiration to me. I have a pair, actually two pairs, of Cornwalls bearing a striking resemblance to the ones in the upper left side of his first picture in this post. One pair with the K-77s and the other with K-107ti’s on top. They both sound equally amazing in their own right.


I think I am following just about every post of his I stumble across.


Thanks for continuing to share your efforts CANT!

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