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9/11 thread -


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Originally posted by John Warren:

your not too bright either


What does my personality have to do with 9/11?? cwm13.gif


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Excellent post - your sarcasm had me going for a moment there.


It is difficult to know what to say - you seem to genuinely believe that no Jewish people were killed in the 9/11 attack and I am sure that no evidence we could provide will shake that belief.

Your implication is therefore that there was a grand conspiracy and presumably you also believe that therefore it was the Israelis that pulled off this attack to frame the poor innocent Muslim fundamentalist group headed by a nice but misunderstood man called Bin Laden.

Of course the last item - that the Israeli's did it has now been somewhat undermined by the admission of Al Quaeda itself.

Which means that if the Israelis didnt do it, and I am sure you will agree it is fairly unlikely that Al Quaeda tipped all the Jews off, then there must be another reason none were killed.

Maybe they really are God's chosen people and he gave them all a one day headcold to keep them from work.

Does anyone who was in New York at the time remember any additional red-paint on some front doors - it is usually a give away sign (just ask the Egyptians).

Everyone else (including Ranger),

As for 11/9 (I am a european and we put the day first) I think you will have to get used to the constant bombardment of forced memories from the TV entering your living rooms faster than you can change channels.

Is it overdone? Probably. Is that a major cause for concern? Probably not. Is it all over the world? Yes.

As I think Tony Blair said (paraphrased) this was not an attack on America it was an attack on the entire free world. As such it should be remembered in its context as the worst terrorist atrocity ever committed.

The last time such an act was carried out on American soil (although a smaller version - Pearl Harbour) it brought America into the Second World War.

Note I said smaller - 2,200 people were killed in Pearl Harbour - over 3,000 on 11/9. This is a "Where were you when it happened?" event. It will be remembered throughout time and it should be.


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For RangerSix - all I can say is "amen!". I have been thinking of the same thing while driving back to my office after getting lunch just this past 9/11. Why so much hatred, just because we are free? Just because we supposedly helped Isreal when all we are trying to do is get those guys over there to maintain some peace and decency? There is only point I do disagree with. Unfortunatly, there have been some terrible instances of domestic terrorism - Oklahama City? Columbine High School?

As for Pearl Harbor (12/7/1941), that was also horrible. I know several elderly folks that have been around when that happened and they all remember it like it happened yesterday. The only thing was that it was an all out military attack on a military target. I would imagine alot of those sailors knew they could be killed when they signed on to the Navy. 9/11/01 was a few fanatics crashing civilian airplanes into mostly civilian targets (although I'll admit the Pentagon could be considered a military target). All these people, even the ones at the Pentagon had on thier minds was getting to work for the day. We nor any of the other countries was in a major state of war, unlike the case in Pearl Harbor.


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