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Drinking and Music


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I thought of something just now and wondered everyone thoughts would be ? I have been told by someone can't remember who that the first thing to go when taking part in Spirits is your hearing. Could this be why we think music sounds better when we have had a few ?? Could the loss in hearing help mask the flaws in are systems ?




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My audiologist and my otolaryngologist,(the buggers only go into that specialty because they love the sound of that tongue - twister), both tell me my hearing is good for Scheize but when the oto-yada-yada decided it was time to upgrade his stereo well----- Who ya' gonna call ?

It may be true that one's auditory sense is impacted early on in the pissup cycle but I suspect that the real reason that music sounds better when one has been drinking is that one's inhibitions are lessened and therefore other interests and concerns are put on the back burner. On the other hand after a certain point the only clearly heard sound may be the thump of one's butt slamming onto the porch floor which is simply Mother Nature's way of saying "Go to bed Idiot!"


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca.1900)

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Hicccup.....Pardon me.

Mr L,, a whole bottle of red a night? Good for the heart in more ways than one I guessSmile.gif I had two Bohemia's(mexican/german)tasting beer last night while at a nice resturant. What a wallop!

Any of you ever do a Limewire search for the Oldies like Goodman, swing jazz. A lot of it is there in MP3 form but sounds pretty nice right now. Had a light morn so came home early. Those must of been the daysSmile.gif


Pass the "Little Brown Jug" anyoneSmile.gif

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Alcohol dulls the senses and this has been proven many times by the medial establishment.

What has not been analysed is the effect of grass or equivalent on the senses.

It is my (totally untested - I never did, I didnt inhale - oh hell I was a student once) belief that the dreaded weed does axactly the opposite in small quantities but in larger quantities reverts to having a similar effect to alcohol (makes me go to sleep).

Now - how to put this - I know - A friend described to me extremely lucidly how he was mesmerised by Dvorak's New World Symphony whilst under the influence of the aforementioned item and has since been totally in love with the piece.

Apparently he mentions it often in web postings...


I am not suggesting to anyone that they should take drugs. They are almost certainly bad for you and illegal in most countries. Get a life - not a jail sentence!


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I like the taste of wine, red in particular but I cannot drink it for it give me this nasty headache. One glass is all it takesFrown.gif

I remember one time a prof saying this was due to the by products of the fermentation cycle, aldehydes I think. Little green bottles? From the airlines?

Or Tanquery(sp) Gin? I broke out a Corona to test the postulation Craig. If my writing becomes slurred or phophetic, I'm there!!Smile.gif

Don't like smoke, especially the burning leaves in the backyard type......

Was ck'n out the posts over at the sparkledrive posting. Will go ck them out at the website.

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Ah yes, the Moose is on the loose!! Hard to find here but I was an avid driker of Moose. Skunky but goodSmile.gif!!

They have it here but it is not "fresh".

On the second Corona now, eyes watery, spanish guitar music on the La Scala's. Humm, does sound somewhat better? More observations later?

Tonight on the main menu, I'll be fixing an Asparagus cream soup, salmon fish grilled on the bbq smoked with apple wood, and of couse a salad. Why don't you all come over, I'll make extra?

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Originally posted by mobile homeless:

Bored of your system? Nothing clicking? Get out a fine bottle of red wine with your favorite music; drink a half bottle on your own and watch the system elevate to magical status. There is nothing like red wine
combined with good music...

Perhaps the cheapest upgrade there is.


And not only that, kh, but we can use the same terms to describe both the wine AND the music - open, airy, ...

Doc - Red wine has histamines in it, which is why you get an alergy-type reaction when drinking it. Perhaps taking a couple of anti-histamines would cure it!! (Not suggesting to mix drugs and alcohol, BTW.)



My System

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Yes, a nice floral quality, not to assuming but yet.....

Doug, never knew about the histamines in Red Wine?

I get a similar but milder rxn from Diet drinks with aspartamine the aa acid. Oh well, pass the next bier, that does not bother me at all!!

Getting the stuff ready for dinner, have to get some chicken stock going, for the asparagus soup.


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