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Tube recommendations with Klipschorns?


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Hi everyone!


I'm new to this forum but a passionate Klipsch fan. So glad that this is forum is active and alive! Glad to be among you.


I'm the proud owner of a pair of '79 Khorns in all stock condition which I now can't live without. I'm thinking about modifications but the sound just blows me away every time. I don't think it's even necessary and probably will keep them stock.


I'm currently running them with a Yamaha SS receiver (approx $150 on Amazon) which already sounds great but I know the ideal is to power them with tubes..


What are your recommendations with tube amplifiers for Khorns? I play mostly on vinyl and want to keep that "warmth" and "dynamism" as much as possible..


Any input is appreciated. Thanks!



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20 minutes ago, Sunrayjack12 said:

I have a kenwood model eleven for a preamp and a dynamo st70 for tubes and it sounds great.

The kenwood has a switch on the back to separate the internal amp so you can run an external amp.

A nice Fisher 500C tube receiver would also sound excellent.


Thanks! Seems like Dynaco is a tube icon..


I will look into them more... Do you think 35 watts per channel is enough for the Khorns?


I noticed there is a dedicated tube section so will be posting there as well.

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Power for Klipsch Heritage, Khorns in this case, is always a debate. Room size, room acoustics, music preference, personal listening levels, etc. all figure in the equation. Let just say that in a 25x35 room my 2a3, 2.5 watt single ended monos are able to drive you out of the room on both KHorns and Jubilees. But many will say this power is not enough for times when particular recordings demand many times this output for certain passages. I would never argue this as they are probably correct. But for Me I'm good to go with from 2.5 - 10 watts. And remember what is said about that first watt - 

Best luck on your choice - 

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The Dynamo is a nice amp and is more than enough to drive your Khorns.

You also have enough power if you change speakers down the road.

I have an original st70 and was luck to get a nice one off eBay, I also have a dynakit st70  that I just sent to Bob Linto to build and it's really great.

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7 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

Just depends on your budget....as has been stated, it doesn't take much to drive them.

Perhaps if you let us know your general location, there might be someone nearby where you could listen.  Just a thought.


Thanks a lot for the pointers. I'm going to try and find a Dynaco here to test out. I'm located in New York so hopefully that won't be too hard.


Besides Dynaco, any other brands/models I should look into? Thoughts on McIntosh? I've heard mixed things.


I realize that I posted this in the wrong section so apologies for that - didn't see a dedicated tube section until after. Awesome surprise haha.


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I have some vintage macintosh SS gear and I am not all that impressed with it, especially after buying some tube gear at less than half the cost of some of the Mc gear.

I have a Mc 2125 and a 2105 amp and a c28 and a c26 receiver along with two model 1900's, maybe if I sent it to Macintosh and had them rebuild it all it may improve some.

I bought a Fisher 500C receiver for 800 dollars off the bay and it is the best sounding receiver/amp I have.

I have seen some places in New York state that will sell a completely rebuilt Fisher for 1500 to 2000 dollars, if I was going to just have one receiver and wanted vintage, that would be the one.

That's not a bad price for nice Fisher put back in new condition in my opinion.

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On 3/14/2017 at 10:43 PM, Sunrayjack12 said:

Let me see if I can get a picture on here, it is just a picture from a while back of some of my speakers.

It does have Khorns and Heresy's in it.

It would not accept that picture but here is one of the Khorns.



Beautiful Khorn - do you know what year yours were produced? The wood looks very similar to mine which were built in 79 with AA crossovers.



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