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FS: 4-KP-362's & 2-KP-682's - $1,500!


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Price Drop - Last Attempt!


I am putting my big KP system back up for sale.  This thread will be for the speakers only.  Once the speakers sell, if the buyer(s) do not want any of my rack gear, then I'll list those items in a separate thread.


There are 4 KP-362's and 2 KP-682's.  $1,500 for all 6 speakers if picked up by Sunday, May 7th.  Think about this....that is 2 pair of KP-362's and a pair of KP-682's.  These should sell for $2,000 any day of the week!  I need to make room in my garage and these have to go.  If they don't sell by this Sunday, they will be moved to storage facility, price will be adjusted back up and I will put them out on the "other" sites to sell.  This is a chance for someone to get a killer setup at a great price.  I would prefer a Forum member to get these.....and to reap the benefit of a really good price!


I bought these speakers from Colter here on the forum a couple of years back.  He did a great job with write-ups about these speakers, that can be found here.  From what I have gathered, this speaker setup is probably a very small step from the much sought after KP-600 rig.  But, this system is easily portable by one person.


Pics to follow.





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Rockhound, I have PM'd you back.


Teaman, to my understanding you are correct.....they are a pro grade Chorus, very similar to the KP 301, but with a wedge shape for stacking them together for wider dispersion.



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