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Thought I would throw in a couple of shots at the 2018 Watermelon Festival. Here are a couple of pictures of the Klipsch Museum booth as we set it up with the Klipschorn cutaway . Additionally we installed my wife's CF-3 "bookshelf" speakers, a kit to drive them and a computer to take membership applications.




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15 hours ago, Cstrau said:

Got a cover built over the pit at the old steam plant and did some more caulking at the museum trying to keep water out!

I have to say, it was really fun working with Craig and Kevin at the steam plant and the deck/cover turned out great, and strong.


It was really cool to see everyone else and Rodney took care of us again. Got to meet Ole Dollar's daughter and spend more than just a few minutes talking with Ole Dollar which was very nice. 

I didn't get a chance to go to the Watermelon festival but was happy to be able to help get other things done, the museum is moving along and improving all the time. It's only going to get better with way more things displayed , it just takes time to get where it all can be displayed but it is moving steadily ahead. One reason it is slow progress is because most things to be displayed are humidity and temperature sensitive and irreplaceable so it has to be done carefully to preserve it all. 


Only knowing a tiny part of what will be displayed I can say it will be a World Class museum when completed. With Jim Hunter as the Curator it will only be better, you can point to just about anything there and he will know something about it if not the full history.


I have left out many others from the President of the museum to all of the people who volunteer, as everyone involved only has one goal, to make the museum successful. 

We all love this hobby and the story of Story of PWK and his work is a big part of that.


Thank you to everyone for joining and supporting the museum and to everyone who volunteers, it's really the only way this will live and grow.


When it comes down to it the story and history of PWK really deserves to be preserved and displayed for people to see, he really is a Legend in Sound. 

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