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WTB 500 cps crossover or equivilent.


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I do not understand "the one I have".     This is a single center speaker specifically made to match up with my TSCM fronts.    It uses the same horn and driver as the TSCM to match up.    To make the match complete I want to match the TSCM crossover -> ALK  ES 500.


I will say the cheapo eminence 500 Hz crossover sounds rather well but not as good as the speaker did when I plugged in the borrowed ALK.


Must be someone out there with unused treasure who is willing to part with  it?

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as good as the ALK ES 500 sounded in your centre channel there is no way that you have a horn with a low enough cut off to justify a 500 Hz crossover point (that would require a horn the size of a K402 and that pushes the rule). This is not to say a K601 or even a K500 could not be used  because they could but that those horns are not designed to be played that low as they cannot hold their polar patterns anywhere near that low. Yes speaker companies cheat in this respect all the time but if you are going to diy why not diy well? For either of the Klipsch horns mentioned a far better crossover would be at least 800 Hz or higher. Consider that in a good design you will be using a horn crossed over at an octave above its cutoff frequency to take advantage of best possible performance. So for a K601 as used in the Cornwall that would be around 1200 Hz. and for a K500 that would be around 1KHz.. The problem which most often arises is one of top end response and dispersion characteristics of the woofer. Keep in mind also that foe ideal surround sound the response and dispersion characteristics of the front three loudspeakers are best matched. Just some food for thought. Have fun.

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 the centre channel will best match the front left and right loudspeakers if it is using the same mid horn and driver. differences in crossover will impact the sound as well. if the centre channel is to use a pair of smaller mid/woofers of say 8" diameter then a crossover point of 800 - 1000Hz would be fine since the mid/woofer will have no problem playing at those frequencies.

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