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Multiple deletes images


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So flickr doesn't have free "limited" usage?

I don't think it's rational to think online storage and reliable hosting as free. Maybe if you had your own server and domain... but you'd pay for that also.

I can't even remember what my flickr storage costs, but it's nominal and has no limit on file size and it lets me use gifs.




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Or those nice people at Klipsch Corp could simply pony up some space for the longtime users who keep this place interesting.


100mb limit is laughable, this whole forum, including software , is probably, maybe, 100gb.  I could host the whole place on my desktop computer.


Why workaround when  you could simply wander on down to Newegg, or Micro Center, and pic up 64gb for $18.


Either support the Forum or pull the plug.

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I'm preparing to list some tube gear in the Garage with photos to be sent email to anyone interested. Not planning to mess around with hoping to download pics over my limit. But to more or less tell Klipsch to operate the Forum as we see fit and "pony-up" funding to do so or "shut it down" seems rather short sighted. Being the Forum is not a profit center for KGI I don't think any of us on the Forum are working from a position of power. 

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