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Tony T

Khorn Placement "technical" data

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In this case, PWK's use of the term "flanking" = "on either side of the center loudspeaker"

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On 1/21/2018 at 1:00 PM, Jirachi said:

The booklet I have specifically says the Cornwall can (or should?) be used as a center between Khorns


That was before Klipsch's later research that indicated that horn loading the bass as well in a center channel made for cleaner sounding bass.  This is somewhere in the Dope from Hope.  The DfH pointed out that the whole array tended to sound like its weakest element.  Therefore, they recommended fully horn loaded speakers, like the La Scala or the Belle Klipsch, between flanking Khorns.  Nowadays it might be 3 Klipsch Jubilees across the front, or, hey, live a little -- Jubilees as surround channels, as well. 

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