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New KT66 Gold Lions


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Tried biasing the kt66's today.  It was a no go.   With bias adjust turned all the way down i seen one tube hit .70 and and the others were not far behind.  I shut the amp down, removed them and reinstalled my JJ kt77's. Set bias to .475.   i think i will keep these kt66 tubes for a future amp.   

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4 minutes ago, Schu said:

Ive never been super impressed with the GL's I have tried... I purchased any more of them because there are other good alternatives.

I'v read a bunch in the reviews of the KT66GL posted about the web and looks like 9 to 1 likes verse dislikes of them.

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I've had GL 66 and 88.   I thought they sounded good but the 88s failed after a year.  The 66 are my back up.   I am currently using the Mullard repops and honestly they sound pretty good in my Quicksilver Mid Monos.  I can't justify $200 for a quad when the Mullards sound great.



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