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Denon AVR-X2500H or Marantz SR5013 to match my new system?


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Hi all,


Need a bit of advise as i had purchase the following Klipsch system:


1) RP-6000F (125W continuous @ 8 Ohm)
2) RP-402S (75W cont @ 8 Ohm)
3) RP-500C (100W cont @ 8 Ohm)
4) SPL-120 BV (300W RMS / 600W Peak)


Due to budget issue, i'm considering between Denon AVR-X2500H or Marantz SR5013!! I hope all the expert here can advise on this.


80% of time I'll be using it to watch Blu-ray movie & stream from Netflix or online and only remain 20% listen to music.


Hope to hear from you all experts soon! Thanks.


****Update: My supplier just offered me Pioneer VSX-LX503!! He said he always matched Klipsch system with Pioneer receiver!

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Additional info from supplier
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9 hours ago, YK Thom said:

Good units all. I lean towards the Marantz, but I have a thing for all things Marantz. 

i had personally tested Marantz SR5012 and it was really good..


8 hours ago, 314carpenter said:

Common answers have been Marantz if 2 channel is a priority. If movies are #1 or you use external amplification then Denon for the added features and functions at the same price point. I am hoping to purchase a Denon x4400h from BestBuy in the next week or so for $810 or less. I am hitting up the Magnolia sales guys to sell me a floor unit at open box prices, but they will not have x4500h display units for ?days/?weeks so no deal...yet. 

I guess i might lean toward Denon for this case.


Wondering if you know the specification for this Denon AVR-X2500H are able to support my new sound system? No overpowered or underpowered?

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9 hours ago, 314carpenter said:

Even though I have no personal experience with your specific speakers, I really think you will be just fine. Far better power supplies than some other consumer brands in the same price range. Your ears will tire long before your D/M AVR. If you run 5 channels or more, expect 75 watts continous per channel or less 20hz-20khz, with peak burst of about 200 watts 2 channel 1khz. which does make a perfect match for you on paper. Have a look over at Audiohaulics.com for some good reviews without the BS. and real benchtests. 


Million thanks!!! Appreciate you advise.

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^^^ Agreed!


Going refurbished will likely allow you to move up the receiver food chain and you will still have the same warranty.


If my local Magnolia doesn’t have any open box/floor model receivers I am interested in. Accessories4less.com is my next stop. 

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