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FS - 1977 LaScalas, now $700


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All things equal, I would prefer that they were equipped with the K-55 and K33.


I am told that a number of people have run the EV 1823s for the mid-range, including Klipsch, which he numbered 1843's, and the Eminence woofers are possibly original.  Again PWK used some 15 inch Eminence woofers from the early days.  Note the picture inclosed that shows the number imprinted on the back of the woofer (67-7645).  The 67 indicate it is an Eminence, the 76 speaks of the year and the 45 is a production number.  Since these LaScalas were definitely made in 1977, I assume it is likely that they had the Eminence woofers originally.


I am not familiar with the LaScalas equipped with the K-55 and K-33 but these sound mighty good!  I've had them for five years. 


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54 minutes ago, Fishbait7 said:

Thanks, any suggestion as to what I have here in the crossovers?

Well they are definitely not AA.  Looks to be a 17uf cap for the large one in the foreground?  Whatever they are, they are not in good shape.  They could very well be K33E (Eminence) woofers.  In 1977 that would make sense, although of course it is possible that they were replaced.

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