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Connecting Sub to Amp: LFE vs RCA


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I've recently added a klipsch sub (r-115sw) to my home audio system, and I was wondering wether to plug my sub and amp though LFE or a RCA Y-splitter. I mainly use my system for music and in regards to that, i've heard differing statements. Some say LFE is the best option for movies and RCA the best option for music. Others even say that for an untrained ear like mine, I wouldn't even notice the difference between LFE and RCA. So what i'm asking is, if my main use for my system is listening to music, should I connect my sub and amp through LFE or RCA?


If any of you have any suggestions as to what cable would be good/compatible with my sub, I would be grateful.





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If you're talking about the input on the sub itself, the LFE input is just an input that defeats the subwoofer's internal crossover settings, you set that in your receiver's settings menu.  On some subs you might end up with a fixed 120Hz crossover on the sub with the LFE input since that's technically the upper limit of that channel's frequency.


So, I would use LFE if you want to be able to adjust the crossover in your receiver and the regular inputs if you want to adjust the crossover in your sub.

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