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Two way KPT-402/K-69-A active settings


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5 hours ago, Delicious2 said:

Would you recommend the OP and I follow you down the absorption path with Auralex Sonofiber? 

Actually, anything having broad band absorption with relatively slowly and smoothly varying coefficient of absorption vs. frequency would be useful.  Sonofiber is actually reprocessed commercial lint that's been pressed into gray 2'x2'x1" squares.  The reality of absorption is that almost anything fuzzy will work, even extra heavy drapes, etc.  I use Sonofiber because it's safe for my border collies and the cat (although the cat has tended to want to lick the panels from time to time, strangely).  Owens-Corning 703 fiberglass, etc. would probably also work, etc.  Take your pick.



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1 hour ago, Ivaols said:

I am using broad band absorption from RPG, models Plate 1 and Modex Edge. For diffusion I use Modffractal from RPG. In addition I have some diy absorption and planning on diy VPR. 

Well!  I guess I should just speak for myself - with a few fuzzy towels push pinned to the walls and some heavy drapes over the windows.🤨

Any pics of your cinema setup Ivaols?

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On 3/11/2019 at 8:07 AM, Delicious2 said:
On 3/8/2019 at 6:45 PM, Ivaols said:

Current Xilica graph

Xilica HF.JPG

Huh.  So although the point isn’t to make this Xilica curve look like the hoped for FR curve, it is alot smoother now.  And the shelves are gone.  Maybe I was on the right track.  I suspect the point is to measure the actual output FR in room not just plug in someone else’s settings 😸


Just in case anyone reads through this and doesn't already know, the curve as shown is not for the desired result, it's actually the inverse of the non-equalized ("before") condition.  In other words, it shows the changes necessary to achieve the desired results.


It's the same concept as listening to a recording that sounds way too tinny, or way too bass heavy, where you might ask yourself "what were the engineers thinking?".  Assuming in both cases the engineer was looking for a smooth-sounding result, when it's too tinny, they likely were listening to speakers that had either too much bass or too little treble; in the bass-heavy case, it would be the opposite - too little bass in their speakers or too much treble.  What we're hearing when we listen to the recording is the inverse of their playback system compared to ours - assuming they were going for an even response in the same way we are.

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The K-402 and K-69-A combination is really good. I know there at better CD's out there but I don't feel the need to explore them right now.


I use the KPT-904 for the 120-500hz region. I like it, but maybe I explore other options. The thought of horn loaded lower midrange is intriguing. 


The bottom is handled by two horn loaded 24" Precision Devices, one in each front corner of the room. 


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