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Klipsch Heresy III Review

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On 5/16/2019 at 6:10 AM, ODS123 said:


Please elaborate.  ..My McIntosh MA6600 uses a digital volume control.  ..So what exactly am I missing??  


My previous integrated amps and pre-amps all used analog stepped controllers and ALL of them attenuated volume at different rates for each channel.  ..In other words as you turn the volume all the way down either the right or left channel would go silent before the other.   Though not related to the volume controller they all also allowed bleed from other inputs that could be heard by simply playing a source, then turning to an unused input and turn the volume up.  ..Before turning the volume half way up you could hear music from the source.  ..I found this maddening.   This NEVER happens on my Mac NOR my Onkyo AVR - both of which have digital pre-amp sections.    And I hear all the detail that I heard through my separate analog preamps (Bryston BP-25, B&K Pro-10MC).


As far as I'm concerned, much of what happens in a pre-amp should occur digitally.  ..Technology has taken us to a better place where pre-amps are concerned.

  There are several methods for implementing a digital volume control. My interface uses the dac chip attenuator. This is transparent and offers excellent tracking. But causes resolution to drop at high levels of attenuation. 

  I have to think your Mac uses a digitally controlled resistor ladder. It is very different than how a dac chip does volume control.

  And since I have a pair of Heresy iii and La Scala’s, the footprint difference is huge. The LS are larger than they look. 

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Just got a pair of 70th Anniversary Indian Rosewood Heresy IIIs and I couldn't be happier. I traded up my old Heresy speakers for La Scala IIs last year, but damned if there isn't something about these little Heresy IIIs that stays with you. 

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