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Made a big effort to see this. Between travel, DC hotel prices, food/drinks, etc. I bet I have the better part of $1k in it. 


Long but in a good way. More relationship driven than violence like Casino or Goodfellas. Cool art house type theater with good sound. Well acted and we'll shot. Lots of good Michigan references (Red Fox @DizRotus) so that was cool. Pachino maybe the weak spot as Hoffa. Great costumes and old cars.


Great dinner and fun Friday away from the house with my wife. Worth every penny and the effort to see it. I couldn't imagine streaming it on a tablet. This movie deserves a big screen. 


Go see it while at the theaters.

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2 hours ago, Boilermaker86 said:

Thanks for the heads up, says it will be on Netfix on Nov. 27th. 


Yes, limited release until then because none of the mega-plex's wanted to have it for such a short run (3 weeks in November). What I read was that they wanted 60-90 exclusive showings. Netflix said no. So only small, independent theaters are showing it. I live in the middle of nowhere so no "real" internet access thus no streaming. The wife and I really wanted to see it and this was a nice excuse to skip work for a day and travel to a great location and spend the night in a nice hotel. The movie was just the catalyst for a great day/night of movies, Belgium beer and good food.


If you don't have a dedicated home theater I think this one should be seen on a big screen in the dark. Make the effort to catch it out, don't settle for a 50+ inch TV or worse a phone/tablet. Not many movies these days worth the effort. I think this is one of them.

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