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"The One" Question


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Quick question that all my best Google-fu did not manage to answer: what exactly is the difference between the "The One" and "The One II" (i.e. between the first and the second "model" of the "The One")?


Does anyone know? Better bluetooth chipset? Any substantial difference?

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4 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

The original has a rechargeable battery and is portable.  The new version needs to be plugged in at all times. 


Thank you. Are you absolutely positive about this? It seems like a downgrade to me... Why would they do that?

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Ughhhhh... if I had known that the original version’s battery was going to fail on me so fast and then also not be replaceable, and that they’d ‘solve’ the problem by simply removing the battery option and dropping the price for the second version, I would have spent the money somewhere else. Sooooooooo disappointed that I can no longer take my high quality (... and quite pricey) The One speaker any farther than a few feet from an electrical outlet (... basically replicating equipment I already had) and that the updated option apparently only does what mine was quickly limited to!!!   😕

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