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Anyone know these horns?


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48 minutes ago, Randyh said:

these KPT 904 Deserve much bigger horns -you cant do much with a small horn -

Like the 402? $$$. I still need to get an active crossover too.  Will be soon.


So I ordered two types of the zxpc horns, the 18x10 and the 17x11.  Tried them both with the B&C 75 and found I like the mid of the 17x11 but the highs of the 18x10.  


Is there another Horn I should be trying as well beside the 402?  It's out of my price range right now, I have too many other things going on.  I figure spending the money on a good active crossover would be money well spent.



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On 1/31/2020 at 1:28 AM, Randyh said:

100% chinese knockoffs ,  the back of the horns are very roughly made ,  however the horn frontal area is good - a bit of machining in the back would not hurt ----


I have older JBL castings that look worse than those, and the Klipsch K-400s I have are very rough, much, much worse.


Here's the inside of one of my k-400s.



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1 hour ago, Randyh said:

so is the consencus that plastic  - abs etc is better ----


I didn't say that... but newer plastics can probaby be cast/injected with better tolerances, less weight and lower cost. The last K510 I saw looked quite strong. Of course, a tractrix horn is a lot shallower so you won't have a heavy driver on a long, skinny throat. 



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Well, gonna try and get these in my house today and have a listen....or two.


Question for you smart people out there,  If I were to get an active crossover,  would it be easier to tune the horn that has a good mid with a slightly less top end or easier to tune the horn that has a little less mid but good top end? 


My room has a full acoustical panel ceiling, padded carpeting with a few acoustical panels on the wall.  Room is roughly 14'3" wide, 17'3" deep and 7'3" high.





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15 minutes ago, Shiva said:

Looks like a comfy room.  You have the lamp from Christmas story.😀 I have seen a few people turn wine barrels into a subwoofers.  

Thanks, it took me about a year to complete the room.  I custom on built the ceiling and walls.  The room was supposed to have pallet wood on the walls but I couldn't find or didn't like the pallets I looked at.  So I used new wood and distressed, beat, burned, gouged, stained and a bunch of other techiques to make it look old.


The barrel is for my bathroom that is attached to this room.  I'm turning it into the vanity with a copper sink mounted flush on top.  My projects never end in this household, either by choice or being forced by other occupants, but that's what we for the people we love.  Not sure how she deals with me!

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4 minutes ago, Randyh said:

you should not close off the windows -

   I would make an insulation paneled frame that would be mounted on the ceiling  or  the side walls  with a hinge - you simply fold it up or sideways with a latch  if needed - you can even do 2 sliding panels  on the wall behind the TV  - play the sound full blast - go outside , then go back inside , add the panels , do the same , if you are outside and the sound is not audible , you have done it -

-the only purpose is to prevent the sound to project out the windows   the rear of the room must be sealed as well   ,and confining the sound in that chamber only is the goal -

I'll definitely add that to the honey do list!  Thank you for the advice👍

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