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Eminence Kappa 15C question


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14 minutes ago, CANT said:

I didn't know that people considered the 15C an "upgrade"...  I always just thought of it as a close enough off the shelf replacement for K33?


Upgrade seems like a strong word? 


I definitely would not waste money replacing perfectly good K33's with these?



I have used (and am still using) K33, K43, Crites 15" cast frame and the 15C. I prefer the 15C but only by a slight margin and mostly in the mid bass arena.

I would not replace any of these four that are working fine with either option for the sake of "upgrading". If I am in need of a replacement, the 15C would be and has been the option I choose. Opinions may vary. 

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“Peavey” FH1s do not come stock with ”Klipsch” K-33s...


The difference in performance between a non-stock K-33 and a non-stock Kappa 15C as a replacement in a Peavey FH1 is day and night, and head and shoulders above the stock Black Widows.


In a Peavey FH1 the Kappa 15C is undeniably an upgrade over stock and an upgrade over the venerable non-stock K-33.


To argue this would be gratuitous.

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19 hours ago, Rolox said:

Okay so my Kappa 15C arrived, and they've been in the FH1 bins for a few days now.


First of all, let me tell you: everything that has been said about that woofer is true. They are supercharged! Midbass punch, speed, impact, and much better low mids. K33 sound like softened cardboard in comparison.


In my system, I use an active crossover; with the K33E I was using 400Hz/24dB transition to the EV SM120 midrange horns. Now I've settled to 500Hz, 12dB; the EV horn is happier, transition is smoother, and overall response much flatter!


Positive side effect of this, I can now use extreme toe-in, crossing the speakers to a point in front of my head, and enjoy fantastic depth and 3D imaging! With my previous woofers / settings, it was way too bloated and muddy... so another unexpected benefit of the woofer swap.


I'm a very happy camper! ^^

Thanks for sharing your positive experiences. As far as I can recall, I was the first person to trumpet the benefits of the 15C in LaScala, Belles,  and FH-1 cabs. I like being "right" once in a while, and so far,  no one that has made the change to those woofers said they were worse than K33's...............going back over about a half dozen years or so. 100 percent is difficult in any field, but it's nice to see and hear! LOL.


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7 hours ago, MookieStl said:

Opinions may vary. 

Opinions always vary. It's when they don't  vary and so many AGREE that is cause for rejoice.


The best woofer for my Quarter Pie Horns, FH1, and LaScala has been a 15C. Owned them all tried them all, including JBL and EV, and measured them all. Same thing with my Super Heresy mods. No OPINION has ever been negative, which is rare for anything in this world.

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