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To my chiropractor


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48 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Thank you, very much!


I have been doing it for a few years now.  My wife does it too (she found the video).  It takes a little while to get through it without failing to complete all of the exercises without dropping.  I have been doing it for a few years and get sweaty and still struggle with the leg scissors in the middle. It is worth the effort, my back does not give me problems anymore. 


So now, here is the rule, you can't leer, ogle, drool or otherwise admire unless you do the exercises.  Gotta pay the price. 


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Further ramblings on the Teeter like equipment: They are kind of scary especially for women. Two people should be there if you have not used them before. You start out at small angles and times until you become accustomed to them. There were some times after hard balls to the wall working for 4 hours that after ten minutes on the Teeter there was some nausea when getting off of it. Eating afterword corrected that symptom and eating beforehand didn't seem to affect me. After you lock yourself in (on my brand) when you unlock yourself you have to bend way forward to reach the unlock mechanism which could be a problem if something goes wrong and you are by yourself. If you pass out and fall off you will have two broken legs.

Other than that it really helps how the back feels and the literature says it will straighten your spine.



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