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Free Horn Adapters GONE, TAKEN / Building NEW Khorn Cloth Frames

Tony T

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FOR FREE, one pair of;

Selenium ADF25/35 Three Bolt Speaker Horn To 1-3/8 Inch Threaded Driver Adapter. The three hole spacing is centered on 13/16" ... dead on. I think these might have been meant for JBL's?

I was going to use these for a project (Altec 511B horn to K-55-M driver) but decided to order aluminum adapters that are exact adaptation. I didn't care for the sloppy look of drilling holes to make it work for a 12:00/6:00 bolt on arrangement. Due to the kindness of so many members, I am happy to mail these to anyone who can use them FREE OF CHARGE.


In addition, I am building 8 new speaker cloth  hardwood frames for my 4 Khorns. These will be professionally made out of Knotty Alder (without the knots of course), pocket screwed, glued, darkened & lacquered. Two of my frames within two separate speakers were broken in a move many years ago. Long story short, I'm sprucing up all 4 Khorns with new frames and cloth. These will be 100% square without any cutouts that are always at the bottom of the speaker cloth frames. I think the cutouts were intended for possible baseboards? 

If anyone is interested in a few pair of these frames let me know and we could possibly work something out. I find it hard to believe I am the only person who has experienced this unfortunate situation. The stock speaker cloth frames are rather brittle.


Finally, does anyone happen to know where to obtain the best new/old looking speaker fabric for Khorns? 


Picture below was fished off the internet and exactly what I have to offer. My adapters are new and have never been installed.



Klipsch Altec Plastic ABS horn adapter.jpg

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I need a pair of those. I ordered a set off eBay and the threads won’t exactly spin onto my horns , Piss poor threading job on the ones I bought
If no one has a claim on them. Please message me. Thanks Carl

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